K55 Casing

K55 Casing
Standard:API 5 CT
Outer diameter:114.3MM-508MM (4.1 / 2 "- 20") as per standard specification
Wall thickness:5.12MM-16.13MM (9.5PPF--133PPF)
Type of buckle: STC , LTC, BTC, XC and Premium connection
Length:R1, R2, R3
Test:NDT and other tests, etc, according to the testing rules of API 5CT
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Product Details

K55 casing is an important type of casing pipe. The main supplementary oil equipment includes drill pipe, core pipe and casing, drill collar and small diameter drill pipe. Normally, domestic casing is made of hot rolled or cold drawn steel for geological drilling.

Product details





Outer diameter

114.3MM-508MM (4.1 / 2 "- 20") as per stardard specification

Wall thickness

5.12MM-16.13MM (9.5PPF--133PPF)

Type of buckle

STC , LTC, BTC, XC according to standard


R1, R2, R3


NDT and some other tests, etc, according to the testing rules of API 5CT

Secondary Or Not


Production Capacity: 2000 Ton per month

Certificate: Approved API 5CT Certification

Package: According to SY/T6194-9, domestic-made casing is tied with steel wire or steel belt. Protection rings shall be screwed on the exposed portion of casing pipe to protect the thread.

K55 casing is mainly used in the well of water or petrol in the wall digging in order to support the drilling as well as the operation of the well. Therefore, oil casing pipe is a fundamental segment of oil well. While geological conditions are different in different places, the working condition is underground. To be specific, the mechanical state is complex, and the stress, bending and torsional may exert some influences on the casing pipe. This puts a very high requirement for the quality of the casing itself. Once the casing tube doesn't run well for some reasons, the whole oil or gas well can be destroyed.

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